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Buying Handbags?, Here Things to Consider

Go with the vogue always

While it comes to purchasing bags, you must have a fashionable approach always. The bag you will choose for yourself will have a big impact on your personality. So, you must follow the trends to set a stylish image.

Real and unique bags

Another important thing to consider while it comes to buying bags is to be sure about the genuineness of the bags as these days the market is full of replicas and counterfeit bags. Original leather bags are really easy to differentiate as these come with specific feel. So, by being a little cautious, it is actually possible to spot the genuine and the fake ones.

Bag space

Apart from being the status symbol, a good bag needs to be versatile. Therefore, having enough storage space is a must so that you don’t need to buy a new handbag every time. Genuine leather bags are mostly known for three things like durability, quality and space. So, invest only on the bags that can be your companion for a really long time.

Durability and color

Before purchasing a bag, you have to be sure about the color of the bag you want. In fact, you must choose the shade that perfectly suits to the collection in your wardrobe. Checking the color is essential as this is also the symbol of a perfect bag. Another vital feature is the durability. So, choose a durable bag only so that you don’t have to reinvest on the bags soon.

Cost of the bag

Price also plays an important role in choosing the right bag. In fact, it helps you to decide the quality of bag that you will be buying. But it doesn’t mean that only the high priced bags will be better.


Guide to Wear Little Black Dress

The beauty about the little black dress is that you can create many different looks with it. A black dress is a must in every womans’ wardrobe. From a night out to a business meeting, the black dress can bring you to both, home again – and to the next event with ease. There are so many things that you can do to dress it up, dress it down and make it appropriate for any situation.

Always keep it clean and ironed. A lint brush is your best friend. If you don’t have one, buy one or try to keep your dress really clean and free from pet hair or lint.

Decide on one accent coloured piece and revolve the rest of your outfit around it.


Large earrings or a necklace that are eye-catching is a great way to dress up your little black dress. It is important to remember that if wearing large earrings, than the necklace should be subtle, or if wearing a large necklace than the earrings should be kept simple.

For the evening look add sparkle with costume jewellery. Consider slipping on jewelled bangles and silver heels.

If you want to wear the black dress for a ball, you might want to add a pearl necklace or maybe some diamonds. If you’re going to wear a pearl necklace, try wearing multiple strands at different lengths.

A simple pair of pearls, detailed tights, and a few inches of heel can dress up any outfit.

A wonderful brooch pinned to the top of the dress can make a difference in the outfit. You can wear the brooch on your hip, at the classical spot at the top of your chest, on the front of the dress right below your shoulder or how about on a low cut wrap dress right at the point where the fabric meets together by the cleavage. It keeps the fabric in place and keeps it from shifting. Gold, silver, or coloured: the brooch can match the shoes, jewellery or make a statement all of its own. A brooch adds a beautiful touch to the dress, especially if it is an interesting antique or vintage brooch.

Wear a necklace of round beads for a trendy look. Pick your colour and loop it around twice.

If you want your look to be casual and fun, try wearing tight-fitting neon-coloured tights under your dress. Then add bright chunky jewellery. Or layer bracelets, necklaces, and rings for a casual look.


Add bright coloured tights to a plain black dress. The tights will add a punch of colour – you can find tights in every colour of the rainbow and since the dress is black, you have your pick of all of them.

Put on flesh coloured tights to even out the skin tone on your legs, and add a pair of cute shoes. Plain black and unadorned flats look more office casual while a pair of red high-heeled pumps can add a bit of excitement.

Wear the dress with tights in autumn/the fall and winter for warmth and to add colour.

Wear the coloured tights, with matching nail polish, hair accessories and/or jewellery to dress up any style of black dress.


Change into a different pair of shoes to change the look. Shoes can make a dress look completely different, whether you choose flats or stilettos, the higher the shoes the higher the effect of the dress-up factor will be.

Wear a simple rounded pair of black pumps and a pair of chandelier earring with a silk wrap. The chandelier earrings and silk wraps look great when matching and if in a warm colour.

Add a pair of cute shoes. The colours can easily be altered, depending on the look you are going for. Plain black and unadorned flats look more office casual while a pair of red high-heeled pumps can add a bit of excitement.

To add some spice to an outfit, go for shoes that are metallic or brightly coloured. For very formal occasions, metallics are a nice dressy option.

Since the dress is plain and black, go with shoes that have visual interest, contrast, or elaborate detailing. Black shoes are pretty predictable, so consider shoes in any other colour than black – they add a nice contrast.


Add a small clutch or handbag. A larger bag works for casual wear while a simple clutch in a dazzling colour works for dressing up for more formal events.

Pair your dress with a sequined handbag and strappy shoes for a night out.

If you go with shoes in a contrasting colour other than black, try choosing a purse that picks up the colour of the shoes. Doesn’t have to be exact, but at least harmonizes in some way.


A belt at the waist creates great emphasis and interest to a plain black dress.
The belt cinched around the waist, or worn loosely around the hips can change the look of the dress completely. The belt can also change the entire shape of the dress.

You can also place the belt a few inches underneath your breasts. A belt gives the illusion of a bigger bust, and it also gives the illusion of a different shape to your body.

Instead of having only the option of using a regular belt, a silk or velvet ribbon will work well also in place of the regular belt.

Inspiration can be found in the ribbon aisle at the local craft shop. From wide ribbon to thin ribbon, to pattern to solid, a ribbon belt is a great way to dress up any black dress.

Consider a coloured belt and make it match with those perfectly coloured shoes.


Scarves are a favourite way to spice up a plain black dress. A lightweight scarf can be used during any season to accent an outfit. There are dozens of ways to tie a scarf, and most scarves can be worn on the head, around the neck, across the shoulders, and around the waist

A beautiful sheer shawl will look fabulous if you are wearing a spaghetti strap or strapless dress. Not only does it spice up an otherwise plain dress, but it also will keep you a bit warmer if the weather is chilly.

Pairing the dress with a coloured pashmina is a perfect way to dress it up. This works best with dresses that are cut straight across the chest, or are strapless. A pashmina of any colour can work, even in the summer, as it can be draped loosely over the shoulders for those summer evenings on the patio.

Add a nice scarf in a fun colour and make it match with those coloured shoes and bracelets.


Create a serious look with the black dress by teaming it up with a suit jacket and a structured bag.

Throw on a zebra-print coat paired with a red handbag and sexy leather boots for a wild night out.


Tips to Help You Determine Your Personal Style

Assess your closet

Take a look at what you wear on a daily basis and take note of all the clothes you have already purchased for yourself. This way, you will understand the different patterns of your buying behavior. For example, do you wear any color more often than others, are you a skirt-and-dress type of person, do you wear certain fabrics? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer.

Pull out your favorite clothes

Pick out the clothes that you wear the most or an outfit that you would never want to part with.There is always that comfort piece you always want to bring along with you when travelling or that which you will never include in a garage sale.

Look at your chosen outfit and ask yourself why you love it

Do you find these outfits comfortable; do they make you feel confident? Think about how you feel each time you wear them and if there is a common denominator among your favorites then it can help you determine your own personality.

Do you wear your clothes to impress others or to feel good while you are wearing them?

You want to know if you are leaning more towards fashion over comfort or if you would rather be comfortableor, even better, both.

Are these outfits appropriate for your daily activities?

It is best to keep in mind what you do on a daily basis. Are you a worker or a student? You want to find clothes that can be used for these particular settings instead of looking for clothes that are impractical to your lifestyle. If you gravitate towards dresses or jeans but you have to wear a business suit to work, try to take a bit of your style with you to work. You can add a colorful scarf or a bag to your ensemble. You might not be wearing dresses or jeans, but you will have a more unique look that can express your personality.

Look for references

You can browse through different fashion magazines or even look online for different outfits that you might find appealing. That way, you can simply cut out the images, print them or take a picture with your phone so that you can keep them with you when you look around and shop. You can even separate each outfit and put them in different categories such as casual, formal, etc.

Experiment with different clothes

Try on everything you see. It might be something that looks great on a mannequin but might not suit you at all. It is also possiblethat something you would never think you would wear might end up becoming your favorite piece.

Trust your instincts

When you are developing or getting to know your style, it is important to be true to yourself. You should not have to simply focus on the size or the designer label you are purchasing. Instead, find something that looks appealing to you and that you are comfortable in it. Continue to feel good in your own skin and believe in your own individuality.

Be creative

There are so many textures, patterns, and colors to choose from. Continue to experiment and do not be afraid to try something fun and new.

News For This Month: Liquids

Vaping and E-cigarette Smoking for Health and Recreation Smoking can be a sort of entertainment and in some cases, a religious belief. Nevertheless, the consequence of it on health can be serious and even fatal. Several researchers determined that more or less 1.3 billion of hazardous ingredients are found in tobacco smoking. These elements are connected to pulmonary ailments like lung CA, Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, and other damaging health troubles. To eradicate the unfavorable health effects of this endeavors, vape and e cigarettes are made. Vaping and electronic cigarette smoking use a smoking device called vaporizer which produces a vapor through heating. The process could be beneficial for it gets rid of dangerous substances found in tobacco and some other herbs making it safer than the regular tobacco smoking. Vape supplies are increasing in the market today because of various benefits not only to heavy smokers but also to people who like to quit smoking. If you happen to check department stores in malls, there could be outlets that are selling these stuff with an extensive variety of options. How much more if try to look for vape and e-cigarette on the internet where there are limitless supplies of flavors to choose from?
6 Facts About Cigarettes Everyone Thinks Are True
Generally, the improving range of suppliers of vape and e-cigarretes can be blamed to the need of several consumers. In modern times, a growing number of individuals are now informed about the dangerous effects of common smoking. Big thanks to the researchers, professionals, and health supporters who effectively created and distributed health information.
Smart Tips For Finding Supplies
It was already pointed out in this content that unsafe tobacco ingredients can be reduced if not eradicated in vaping. But particularly, this technological innovation has the potential to generate a warm vapor as an alternative to hot smoke which could be less irritating and harmful to the person’s throat. Additionally, users are going to have the alternative to choose a certain level of nicotine which can be a powerful solution to quit smoking by gradually cutting down the nicotine amount. Owing to the less detrimental effects of vape and e cigs, the product did not get rid of the entertainment aspect of smoking. Numerous parts of the world these days permit individuals to smoke in public and close places provided that the smoker is utilizing vape or ecigarette. Considering that these are not dangerous to surrounding men and women and the atmosphere, you do not have to be concerned that your smoking routine will induce of lung disorders and other conditions through the passive way. And what’s more, many types of flavors are from fruits which discharge a great smell and are not troublesome to people’s noses. Thus, if you choose to give up smoking and be healthy, or perhaps likes to have smoking for recreations without causing trouble to nearby folks, then possibly it’s time to order vape in the most reputable vape suppliers.

Women’s Casual Clothing

A casual wear collection of clothes are made up of leather or denim jackets, fashionable sweaters, skirts made out of chiffon, silk, velveteen, cargo, cropped or utility pants, capris and shirts made out of denim, silk and chambray, different washes of denim etc. Such casual wear can be made to look more chic if scarves, hats, mittens, handcrafted belts etc are added to them as accessories. Smart casuals are those which comprise of casual shirts, cotton or silk blouses and long sleeve tees. These smart casuals offer natural relaxation and a feeling of laid on the back comfort to the wearer. The materials can be anything from cotton, silk, flannel etc.

Casual clothes with a new twist:

With the correct basics and accessories spicing up, ordinary casual clothes can make a fashion statement when they are worn according to the body frame and height of the woman. By paying a little bit of attention to smaller details, simple clothes can do wonders. It is very important that the casual wear clothes should fit properly, especially when it comes to a pair of good jeans, it should fit snugly over the body making it flatter the woman wearing it. Bad fitting clothes give a scruffy and untidy look. When dressed intelligently and smartly, it improves the style and confidence of the person apart from making them looks good.

Even a simple plain sweat shirt or t-shirt with a meaning caption like a quote or personal saying can make the casual cloth to look unique and very presentable. It is not the color of the casual cloth which matters, but the cut and fit which matter a lot. Casual clothes can be matched with any kind of clothes from a wardrobe. If a little attention is paid towards matching, women can wear them to even parties, dinner, office etc.

Casual summer clothing :

Casual summer clothes are meant to be easy to wear and clean. Shorts, easy shirts, skirts and cool pants are part of the summer wardrobe which are made from nylon, cotton, linen, silk and blends. Floral designs in colors like pink, yellow and blue are ideal for summer. Black and white have been always favorite colors. Jeans or any bottom can be paired up with new blouses with puff sleeves, kimono sleeves, ruching etc. Summer casual wear calls for trendy and lively pieces with large patterns and bright colored clothing.


Men Office Bags

Sling bags

Who says that sling bags are meant for women only? Men can don it too and that too with great elan. From college students to office goers, every man can carry these bags with him. Just hang it from your shoulder and let it adorn you diagonally. From books to files, sleek tiffins to tab, you can keep everything inside. However, if you are wearing a formal suit to office, avoid them completely. These bags look good on casual and semi-formal wear.


Usually bag packs are meant for treks and short weekend getaways. However, these are now being accepted as office accessories too. From lunch box and stationary to files and laptop, there are whole lot of things one has to carry to office on a daily basis, so stylish men’s bagpacks fit the bill completely. Moreover, designers are busy in experimenting and designing various bagpacks for men in a variety of materials.

Folio bags

Folio bags are known for their sleek, classy and elegant look. So, make sure that you allow them the way they are, and do not try to over stuff them. Strictly meant for business purposes, they are an apt accessory for boardroom meetings. Also, they look perfect and in symmetry with a classic office suit. Try buying a leather folio to accentuate your dapper look. You can carry your tabs, files and folders in it. It basically works like a clutch bag.

Tote bags

A slightly bigger version of folio, these bags come with a strap and handle and almost resemble a briefcase. You can also carry your laptops in it. However, like folios, over stuffing can totally destroy its uber cool look. Mostly available in leather, these bags come in other materials too like canvas and jute. You can use it to store your phone, notebooks, keys and tabs. These bags go with any type of office attire, be it a formal suit or pair of shirt and trousers.

Duffle bags

If you are busy man with a lot of paperwork, this is absolutely the right kind of bag for you. Owing to its size, it can store a lot of files and folders. Besides, if you hit the gym after office or during office hours, it can accommodate an extra pair of clothes too.


A Fascinator

A fascinator is a headpiece which is designed to be attached to the hair instead of a hat. Traditionally, fascinators are worn by women only, and they are typically associated with formal wear, although one could wear a fascinator on less formal occasions. Fascinators are beautiful headpieces that become jewellery for the hair.

A ‘Fascinator’ is a hair accessory, which is typically attached to the head with a comb, head band, pin or clip that is most commonly adorned with plumes of feathers. These hairpieces vary widely in size, shape, and style, from modest versions to decadent creations with feathers, silk, ribbons, tulle, straw, beads, pearls and crystals. They can be as small and delicate or as large and over the top as you like! The only limitation is your imagination! .In some cases, a fascinator looks more like a small hat and less like a hairpiece.

Large or small, traditional or abstract, structured or completely whimsical, fascinators are so easy and comfortable to wear. They can compliment your outfit, and your hair style, and they still allow you to make a statement in the same way a hat would.

Why wear a fascinator

Do you want to avoid ‘hat hair’? That tell-tale little kink in your hair around the circumference of your head after you’ve taken your hat off? Then wear a fascinator.

The wonderful thing about fascinators is that they provide a fabulous, fashionable and stylish option alternative to the traditional hat. Your outfit will still be perfectly finished and you will feel properly dressed, but you will also feel much more confident and comfortable than you otherwise might in a hat.

With fascinators, equally as important as finding the right style for you is ensuring the right fitting. Different fittings suit different hair types. Ensuring yours is on the right base for you, be that a comb, head band or small clip, will mean it is both comfortable and secure – leaving you feeling confident and free to enjoy your day without worrying about whether it will stay in place.

If you feel confident, you’ll look and feel fabulous too.

Where to wear a fascinator
Fascinators can be used to draw attention to unique or complex hairstyles, to complement fine formal wear, and to dress up a more casual look. Nowadays, women have fewer causes to wear a fascinator: They tend to show up at weddings and formal horse racing events more than anywhere else.

A benefit with choosing a fascinator is that you are more likely to have the opportunity to wear it again to other functions, as fascinators are worn, not just at weddings, but also at race days, christenings and black tie events.

More subdued fascinators, for example, can be worn to church, and some have partial veils attached, for women who like to wear modest veils while in mourning.

Fascinators can also be used as a substitute to long veils for brides.

How to wear a fascinator

In order to get the best from your fascinator, secure your updo or hairstyle with regular hair-pins and then have the fascinator added to ensure it will be secure throughout its wearing.

Or you can wear your hair down and add the hair pins to be used as an anchor for the hair-comb or crocodile clip to be attached to and if this is done properly, then it will stay throughout a long day or night.

Decide where you want to place the fascinator. If the fascinator is on a headband, then your choice of placement is limited. However if it is on a comb or clip, then you can place it wherever you want. It will look best placed to one side of the head or at the back. If you put the fascinator right on top of your head it will look like something sprouting from the top of your head.

If wearing one for a super smart function, then a good hairdresser will be able to safely place it and secure it for you.


Things to Consider When You are Choosing The Perfect High Heels

1. If you hate your toes, opt for pumps with a closed toe, or try a peep-toe pump to see if its less-revealing style covers the parts you hate most. Rough heels won’t look good in a backless sandal, but there are plenty of shoes with open toes that still cover the back of your feet.

2. Rule number two is to emphasize the nice things about your feet. Also an obvious trick, but since we usually tend to focus on what we don’t like, it’s easy to forget what is good about our feet, for example : pumps will accentuate the graceful curves of high arches, ankle straps can highlight a shapely ankle, and of course slides can show off the perfect set of nails. If you’re still convinced that every aspect of your foot is horrid, then find sexy shoes that cover as much as possible.

3. Your shoes must fit if you want your feet to look sexy. Even the most perfect foot looks awkward if it’s hanging over the edge of its sandal. No matter how hot the sandal in question is, and a foot that looks as if it’s been crammed into a pump that’s too tight will give the impression that your feet are so big you can’t find shoes to fit. The same can be said for ankle straps. If they’re cutting into your skin, loosen them or skip them altogether. They shouldn’t be too loose, but if they’re too tight, they will look as uncomfortable as they feel.

4. When you’ve found a pair of high heel or platform shoes you really love, wear them around the shoe store for a short while. If there are any problems, your feet will tell you rather quickly. Take them home but keep your store slip.

5. Wear them around your home for an hour or two. The reason for the home wear is two-fold; first, you won’t hurt yourself as much should you fall or stumble. Second, you won’t wear the soles or the heels should you need to return them. If you have blisters or discomfort in any way, you should return them to the shoe store straight away.

How to Caring Your Prom Dress?

Storing Your Prom Dress

There are two basic ways of storing your prom dress. One is to fold it carefully in tissue paper and store it in a box with a few cedar balls and/or a few fabric softener sheets. OR you can fold it over a hanger at the waist (back side over the hanger) and place it inside a garment bag.

Remember, this is a long, heavy dress. Hanging your gown up by the shoulders or straps may cause stretching of the straps or the fabric in the shoulders. You can also hang up your gown by the straps and ribbons and then drape the rest of the dress over another hanger-at about the knees. This will also prevent stretching. Personally, I take no chances. I fold my all dresses.

Coming Out of Storage

You’ll need to bring the gown or prom dress out of storage several days before your event. There are several methods for removing wrinkles and restoring freshness.

One is to hang the dress in the bathroom while a hot shower steams the wrinkles from the dress. I prefer this method to using hand steamers. Hand steamers require a little bit of salt in the water to make them work properly. Salt is very corrosive and can damage the fabric over time.

Another way to remove wrinkles is to liberally mist the dress with a mixture of water that contains a splash of fabric softener. Then hang the dress up somewhere out of the way. Allow the water and the weight of the dress to slowly remove the wrinkles. This is not the best approach for silk or satin.

Some dresses just have to be ironed-silk, satin, etc. Ironing with steam is acceptable if you don’t use any salt. But be very careful — some fabrics will change color slightly when ironed with steam–especially those that are of a lighter shade. So test a small portion first. This is typically not a problem for black dresses. For extra protection you can place a piece of unprinted grocery sack between the dress and the iron.

After the Party

The day after the party use a warm washcloth to remove and deodorant stains under the arms. You really want to do this as soon as possible as some deodorants can lighten or discolor fabric over time. Let your dress air out for a day or two before you store it. This is also a good time to mist it gently with the water/fabric softener mixture.


Black Designer Prom Dress

If you really want to look your absolute best then you really should invest in a designer prom dress; they’re made with better, more beautiful fabrics, are better designed and better cut. Quite simply a department store bought gown pales in comparison to a designer gown.

Many fashion houses now make gowns that will help each girl feel gorgeous and unique. There are thousands of designs to choose from, so finding one that will suit your body shape isn’t a problem, whether it’s a more tradition gown like a Joli prom dress or very avent garde gown like the Flirt prom dress. The price of a designer prom dress isn’t as high as many think either. Whilst it’s true that you can pay many hundred of dollars on one, you can also buy one for as little as $150.

Finding a style of dress in the right price range isn’t too difficult, but where many girls let themselves down is choosing the color of the dress. The gown should always match the coloring of the girl, never the other way round. Trouble is, most girls don’t know what their complexion is – there are four main types; spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Most colors can’t be worn by all women, but if there’s one that can, it’s black. Women have been wearing black dresses for centuries. It’s a color that can be worn with any complexion type. It’s why the ‘little black dress’ is a favorite dress to be worn at cocktail parties.

But, not only can black be worn by all women, it also conveys a message about the woman herself. Black denotes sex appeal and sophistication. A black prom gown is for a girl who wants to convey to others that she’s all-grown-up and feeling confident about who she is. She’s a young woman who wants to be taken seriously and to be noticed amongst the ‘sea of pastel tulle skirts’.

Chances are that many girls will be wearing a designer prom dress and chances are they will be not only beautiful but expensive. However, a girl wearing a less expensive gown can still look head and shoulders more alluring when she wears a black gown. Black is a color we all notice; how many times have we been captivated by someone dressed in black? It’s a color worn by those who are outside the norm.

Prom only happens once in a girl’s lifetime. Most will want to go to Prom looking like an innocent princess or a Hollywood vixen, but some will be more memorable because they chose to wear a black designer prom dress.

Tips to Pick A Designer Prom Dress

1. While it may seem limiting to put a ceiling on your budget it can help narrow down the choices and styles of dresses to buy. This is a good thing, as often times, many girls are overwhelmed by the sheer number of gowns that are out there. So, before you even start looking, fix a price and stick to it. Divide your budget for the items you’ll be buying such as dress, shoes, handbag, hose and hair styling. Try not to go over the limit for each item; if you do spend more on one particular item you’re going to have to reduce the amount you spend on one of the others.

2. Try to keep an overall image of the look you want when you’re shopping for your dress. From the biggest to the smallest; it’s often the small details that can turn something from ‘okay’ into something that is simply stunning. The look should be coordinated – although you can get away with one or two small deviations – the dress is the main focal point and all accessories must complement it.

3. The main reason a designer prom dress can look so awful when worn is because of body shape; or rather the wrong gown for the wrong figure. Be honest about your body shape. Honesty doesn’t mean being too self conscious or harsh on your self; just be gentle and frank about your figure. So, if your body shape is Pear, Triangle, Willow or Hourglass look for the gown that is going to complement your figure; emphasizing certain parts while de-emphasizing others. Don’t try to change your figure for the dress; dieting and such like most often won’t produce the desired figure and many girls can get very stressed and depressed when their bodies aren’t ‘transformed’ from one body shape to another. You are who you are; get a gown that will reflect who you are.

4. Remember, Prom is a gathering of your piers. Don’t get too carried away with the drama of the occasion. Comfort is important so, if you’re more used to wearing trainers and Lycra, you should be prepared to either, do a lot of practice walking in those new high heels or think twice about buying a dress that is so far from your norm.

5. Choosing accessories is nearly as important as choosing the designer prom dress. Some girls may want to wear a family heirloom such as a tiara. This is perfectly fine, however, if the accessory is going to undo the overall look, then you need to reappraise your priorities; if it’s really important that you must have that particular accessory then you will have to find the dress that complements it, rather than the other way round.

6. Don’t be shy in asking for advice from friends and family. After all, they know you best and will be able to make a useful contribution in your selection of dress. However, remember to be your own boss. If someone’s idea is something you feel uncomfortable about then stick to your gut feeling; it’s your big day, not theirs.

7. Talk candidly to shop assistants about how far down the line you’ve got with finding that designer prom dress. If you’re at the first initial stage of deciding on style and color, tell them; that way, you won’t feel pressurized into making any buying decisions and they’ll be able to help you. Sales assistant working in boutiques are very knowledgeable about prom gowns and understand just how difficult it can be for a girl to find that perfect outfit.