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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to Caring Your Prom Dress?

Storing Your Prom Dress

There are two basic ways of storing your prom dress. One is to fold it carefully in tissue paper and store it in a box with a few cedar balls and/or a few fabric softener sheets. OR you can fold it over a hanger at the waist (back side over the hanger) and place it inside a garment bag.

Remember, this is a long, heavy dress. Hanging your gown up by the shoulders or straps may cause stretching of the straps or the fabric in the shoulders. You can also hang up your gown by the straps and ribbons and then drape the rest of the dress over another hanger-at about the knees. This will also prevent stretching. Personally, I take no chances. I fold my all dresses.

Coming Out of Storage

You’ll need to bring the gown or prom dress out of storage several days before your event. There are several methods for removing wrinkles and restoring freshness.

One is to hang the dress in the bathroom while a hot shower steams the wrinkles from the dress. I prefer this method to using hand steamers. Hand steamers require a little bit of salt in the water to make them work properly. Salt is very corrosive and can damage the fabric over time.

Another way to remove wrinkles is to liberally mist the dress with a mixture of water that contains a splash of fabric softener. Then hang the dress up somewhere out of the way. Allow the water and the weight of the dress to slowly remove the wrinkles. This is not the best approach for silk or satin.

Some dresses just have to be ironed-silk, satin, etc. Ironing with steam is acceptable if you don’t use any salt. But be very careful — some fabrics will change color slightly when ironed with steam–especially those that are of a lighter shade. So test a small portion first. This is typically not a problem for black dresses. For extra protection you can place a piece of unprinted grocery sack between the dress and the iron.

After the Party

The day after the party use a warm washcloth to remove and deodorant stains under the arms. You really want to do this as soon as possible as some deodorants can lighten or discolor fabric over time. Let your dress air out for a day or two before you store it. This is also a good time to mist it gently with the water/fabric softener mixture.


Black Designer Prom Dress

If you really want to look your absolute best then you really should invest in a designer prom dress; they’re made with better, more beautiful fabrics, are better designed and better cut. Quite simply a department store bought gown pales in comparison to a designer gown.

Many fashion houses now make gowns that will help each girl feel gorgeous and unique. There are thousands of designs to choose from, so finding one that will suit your body shape isn’t a problem, whether it’s a more tradition gown like a Joli prom dress or very avent garde gown like the Flirt prom dress. The price of a designer prom dress isn’t as high as many think either. Whilst it’s true that you can pay many hundred of dollars on one, you can also buy one for as little as $150.

Finding a style of dress in the right price range isn’t too difficult, but where many girls let themselves down is choosing the color of the dress. The gown should always match the coloring of the girl, never the other way round. Trouble is, most girls don’t know what their complexion is – there are four main types; spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Most colors can’t be worn by all women, but if there’s one that can, it’s black. Women have been wearing black dresses for centuries. It’s a color that can be worn with any complexion type. It’s why the ‘little black dress’ is a favorite dress to be worn at cocktail parties.

But, not only can black be worn by all women, it also conveys a message about the woman herself. Black denotes sex appeal and sophistication. A black prom gown is for a girl who wants to convey to others that she’s all-grown-up and feeling confident about who she is. She’s a young woman who wants to be taken seriously and to be noticed amongst the ‘sea of pastel tulle skirts’.

Chances are that many girls will be wearing a designer prom dress and chances are they will be not only beautiful but expensive. However, a girl wearing a less expensive gown can still look head and shoulders more alluring when she wears a black gown. Black is a color we all notice; how many times have we been captivated by someone dressed in black? It’s a color worn by those who are outside the norm.

Prom only happens once in a girl’s lifetime. Most will want to go to Prom looking like an innocent princess or a Hollywood vixen, but some will be more memorable because they chose to wear a black designer prom dress.

Tips to Pick A Designer Prom Dress

1. While it may seem limiting to put a ceiling on your budget it can help narrow down the choices and styles of dresses to buy. This is a good thing, as often times, many girls are overwhelmed by the sheer number of gowns that are out there. So, before you even start looking, fix a price and stick to it. Divide your budget for the items you’ll be buying such as dress, shoes, handbag, hose and hair styling. Try not to go over the limit for each item; if you do spend more on one particular item you’re going to have to reduce the amount you spend on one of the others.

2. Try to keep an overall image of the look you want when you’re shopping for your dress. From the biggest to the smallest; it’s often the small details that can turn something from ‘okay’ into something that is simply stunning. The look should be coordinated – although you can get away with one or two small deviations – the dress is the main focal point and all accessories must complement it.

3. The main reason a designer prom dress can look so awful when worn is because of body shape; or rather the wrong gown for the wrong figure. Be honest about your body shape. Honesty doesn’t mean being too self conscious or harsh on your self; just be gentle and frank about your figure. So, if your body shape is Pear, Triangle, Willow or Hourglass look for the gown that is going to complement your figure; emphasizing certain parts while de-emphasizing others. Don’t try to change your figure for the dress; dieting and such like most often won’t produce the desired figure and many girls can get very stressed and depressed when their bodies aren’t ‘transformed’ from one body shape to another. You are who you are; get a gown that will reflect who you are.

4. Remember, Prom is a gathering of your piers. Don’t get too carried away with the drama of the occasion. Comfort is important so, if you’re more used to wearing trainers and Lycra, you should be prepared to either, do a lot of practice walking in those new high heels or think twice about buying a dress that is so far from your norm.

5. Choosing accessories is nearly as important as choosing the designer prom dress. Some girls may want to wear a family heirloom such as a tiara. This is perfectly fine, however, if the accessory is going to undo the overall look, then you need to reappraise your priorities; if it’s really important that you must have that particular accessory then you will have to find the dress that complements it, rather than the other way round.

6. Don’t be shy in asking for advice from friends and family. After all, they know you best and will be able to make a useful contribution in your selection of dress. However, remember to be your own boss. If someone’s idea is something you feel uncomfortable about then stick to your gut feeling; it’s your big day, not theirs.

7. Talk candidly to shop assistants about how far down the line you’ve got with finding that designer prom dress. If you’re at the first initial stage of deciding on style and color, tell them; that way, you won’t feel pressurized into making any buying decisions and they’ll be able to help you. Sales assistant working in boutiques are very knowledgeable about prom gowns and understand just how difficult it can be for a girl to find that perfect outfit.