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Men Office Bags

Sling bags

Who says that sling bags are meant for women only? Men can don it too and that too with great elan. From college students to office goers, every man can carry these bags with him. Just hang it from your shoulder and let it adorn you diagonally. From books to files, sleek tiffins to tab, you can keep everything inside. However, if you are wearing a formal suit to office, avoid them completely. These bags look good on casual and semi-formal wear.


Usually bag packs are meant for treks and short weekend getaways. However, these are now being accepted as office accessories too. From lunch box and stationary to files and laptop, there are whole lot of things one has to carry to office on a daily basis, so stylish men’s bagpacks fit the bill completely. Moreover, designers are busy in experimenting and designing various bagpacks for men in a variety of materials.

Folio bags

Folio bags are known for their sleek, classy and elegant look. So, make sure that you allow them the way they are, and do not try to over stuff them. Strictly meant for business purposes, they are an apt accessory for boardroom meetings. Also, they look perfect and in symmetry with a classic office suit. Try buying a leather folio to accentuate your dapper look. You can carry your tabs, files and folders in it. It basically works like a clutch bag.

Tote bags

A slightly bigger version of folio, these bags come with a strap and handle and almost resemble a briefcase. You can also carry your laptops in it. However, like folios, over stuffing can totally destroy its uber cool look. Mostly available in leather, these bags come in other materials too like canvas and jute. You can use it to store your phone, notebooks, keys and tabs. These bags go with any type of office attire, be it a formal suit or pair of shirt and trousers.

Duffle bags

If you are busy man with a lot of paperwork, this is absolutely the right kind of bag for you. Owing to its size, it can store a lot of files and folders. Besides, if you hit the gym after office or during office hours, it can accommodate an extra pair of clothes too.